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Me with No Hair

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My hair is pretty much gone now.  It began falling out about three weeks after my chemo treatments began, about twelve weeks ago. I've been sporting some sort of head covering ever since.  


This is me with my daughter Pearl on my birthday in July.

It has been an excellent life lesson, having no hair, because I didn’t think people would recognize me without it, but they do. Ha, so I am more than just my hair! Good to know.  

People seem to wonder whether I'm sick or whether I'm a Buddhist nun, but either way there is a certain reverence. It has rubbed off on me too, in that I have a new reverence for myself.  I am learning something hard now that others may have to learn someday too.

Chemo-therapy is truly a drag and sucks a lot of precious life energy. But it has given me something I could have never had otherwise which is a new urgency to live every day well.