Betsy Kendrick

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Southern Sensibility.  

I grew up on the outskirts of a small town in the Piedmont of North Carolina.  I didn't realize how my environment was shaping how I would see the world for the rest of my life, but that is certainly what has happened.

I spent many afternoons roaming the aisles of fabric shops with my mother and sister, the shops that were plentiful back when textile mills dotted the landscape of the American South-especially my little town where there was Dora Mill, Esther Mill, Lily Mill, and Dover Mill.  I soaked up all the colors and patterns that were tossed together in bins, and on bolts that lined the walls.  The fabric store was my museum and I was always allowed to take a little of it home with me.

chicken girl is not afraid to be a chicken

chicken girl is not afraid to be a chicken

Beautiful Things

To me, the best things come from humble beginnings.   I enjoy creating with recycled fabrics and I use an old sewing machine or stitch by hand.  My paintings are usually oils, often with a traditional bent but rarely fussy- on canvas or board and often painted onsite.



Vincent Van Gogh

Alice Neel

Maira Kalman

Pierre Bonnard

Romare Bearden

David Cunningham

Course in Miracles

Lena Cronquist

Rainer Maria Rilke

Susan Halls







"But -Love? whispered the girl, blushing exquisitely.  "It was you, mother, taught me what love means.  I -I used to wonder how you could bear-poppa's ways, until I came to see that you accepted them as parts of him, like his voice and hair; and you accepted him twenty years ago.  People think their children don't notice; but -it's beautiful, mother."

Emma Bell Miles 



a row of trees